The Fine Art of Comfort & Beauty

Welcome to William & Irene, a small, UK based company whose founder, Leanne is an expert in the high end field of Harris Tweed® home decor. It is the beautiful, intimate and intense process that is rooted in quality materials, old world traditions, true craftsmanship and historical regulations and standards that makes this some of the world's most sought after tweed. The fabric and its production have always been, and remains to be, extremely environmentally friendly.

William & Irene is named as a loving homage to Leanne's unassuming grandparents. As a passionate creator, artisan and all around perfectionist, what began as a strong interest and small income producer for Leanne, is now a successful company that has become a leader in the Harris Tweed® industry today. Specialising in Harris Tweed® blankets, cushions and footstools, William & Irene are highly skilled and focused on crafting the ultimate luxury pieces for your space and your comfort.

As an online only store, William & Irene cater to Harris Tweed® connoisseurs the world over including the USA, Canada, the Middle East, Australia and of course the UK and throughout Europe.

Offering world class products and outstanding and dependable customer service, William & Irene are large enough to be recognised globally, yet small enough to answer their phone when you call. You will find that advice and ideas are freely shared here at William & Irene.


Leanne of William & Irene